IDT company specializes in Designing industrial style office furniture, Construction of industrial style office furniture.

Unique office interior design trend for 2020 of IDT Furniture is industrial style, so that you can choose for yourself an office model that matches the style of your company’s brand.
IDT Furniture is a leading unit in the field of office interior design, with 18 years of experience in design, construction and installation, and has completed many full package office furniture projects in Ho Chi Minh City.> > See more information about IDT Furniture to understand a reputable unit with 18 years of experience.

* Our interior design process for offices at IDT Furniture:

Customers wishing to design office furniture, after contacting and talking with us, architects will come to survey the current status of the site, measure the size and get design ideas.

– Up to specifications, 3D design, preliminary quotation.
– Customers browse 2D specifications, 3D perspective.
– Explanation of construction plans, signing construction contracts.
– Manufacturing furniture at IDT factory, executing and installing interior at the project.
– 1 year product warranty, indefinite maintenance.

This is also a modern office design trend that is popular today because this trend brings many benefits. Some studies show that the use of color has a great impact on the work efficiency as well as the aesthetics of the business.

Comfortable space will help improve working morale, increase staff’s ability to practice.

An industrial style office template designed to be simple, modern, and flexible
With this space, flexibility is highly recommended, this is a remarkable trend compared to traditional offices. This design pays special attention to the needs of the work, every product has the ability to switch positions, functions and the ability to flexibly combine together to create a dynamic working environment.

IDT Furniture specializes in designing and constructing prestigious office furniture

– Interior design of the director’s room, the head of the office.
The items in office interior design include:
– Interior design of the working room for staff.
– Interior design of meeting rooms.
– Interior design of the front desk.

When coming to Young Furniture customers will:

– Free and dedicated interior design consultancy.
– Design feng shui interior design.
– A team of architects with high professional qualifications, constantly creating to bring unique and new values.
– Design to promote brand, image of the company.

* Special: Interior design is 100% free when customers order our furniture

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