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Decorative wall for the headboard – headboard wall – wall paneling

Decorative wall for the head of the bed – wall for the headboard of the bed – for the wall The bedroom is an important space in every house, a private place for each person to rest and relax after stressful working hours. Therefore, the decoration of the bedroom space is very interested by homeowners. To make the bedroom space more special and luxurious to increase aesthetics, the decoration of the headboard wall and the use of decorative wall panels are very popular. With the choice of industrial wood wall paneling, it is capable of air conditioning, giving users a comfortable feeling. Wooden walls have the ability to keep warm in winter, bringing coolness for summer days. The unit price is calculated by m2. (not including bed, …etc) Brand: IDT Decor Furniture Place of manufacture: Genuine IDT Furniture brand manufactured in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Material: Moisture resistant MDF with high quality wood grain color Melamine (May vary by order) Color: Can be changed upon request when ordering Warranty: IDT warranty for furniture 12 months of use.

Working desk combined with multi-function smart cabinets

Work desk combined with smart, multi-functional cabinets. Custom design can be changed as a Desk, when it is necessary to fold it into a display cabinet. Used for houses, apartments, villas, townhouses. Suitable for any office space. White making table with wood grain BLV2110 High quality MFC Melamine material, Green Core, moisture-resistant, termite resistant. Used as a dressing table, desk, desk The design is youthful, luxurious, beautiful, harmonious, suitable for all families and offices.

Size: 1.2m long (stretching into 2m), width 0.5m high 0.76m

Delivery time 7-10 business days

Tivi cabinet style white and orange

Tivi cabinet style white and orange. Elegant modern design for Houses, apartments, Villas, hotels ... High quality MDF coated with melamine. Legs natural oak, PU painted white According to the cabinet color.

Size: 1m8 long, 0.6m high, 0.40m deep

Products in sets Delivery time 1-2 weeks

Italian style TiVi cabinets 21-01

Italian style TV cabinets 21-01. Elegant modern design for Houses, apartments, Villas, hotels ... High quality MDF coated with melamine. Legs natural oak wood.

Dimensions: 1m8 long, 0.6m high, 0.45m deep

Products in sets Delivery time 1-2 weeks

Two-seater wooden sofa

Natural oak frame material. Mattress D400, high-quality canvas The size is 1.2m long, 0.7m wide, 0.7m wide Product ph63m need time to order 7-10 days

Modern cabinets

Modern cabinets are made of MDF with white melamine coating. Size: D2100xR300xC1400 / 700mm. Products are calculated by set (excluding

Beautiful shelves 2020

Beautiful shelf 2020 is made of MDF coated with white melamine with gentle blue color. Size: D800xR400xC2400mm. Products are calculated