Architecture design sevice


There are more and more families. The demand for Construction Design villas on weekends or holidays is quite common in life today.

That confirms the higher quality of life and after daily worries happening every day they always want a peaceful, resting and relaxing space to balance their lives.

Professional townhouse design consulting services
IDT specializes in providing townhouse architecture design services in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.

The design of a townhouse is the selection, decoration, arrangement of space in a space based on the controlled size of the land, size, style, function, exterior ... so that it is the most suitable, harmonious . Optimal for the requirements of the owner.

Consultancy service for townhouse design
IDT specializes in providing townhouse architecture design services in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.

Living space is an integral part of every individual. Currently designing townhouses, living spaces are very important to families. The townhouse design of the house also shows the style, personality, ego of the homeowner. The house is a relaxing place for family members after a tiring day at work. Not only that, the design of the home also shows the pride of the host with visitors to the home.

Prestigious one-story house designing
You are a newly graduated student, newlyweds do not have enough money to build high-rise buildings, or you do not like living in a spacious high-rise building, a splendid mansion, magnificent If you just want to live with your family members in a cozy small house, you can contact IDT Interior Design and Design Company for advice on a one-story home design. Not much construction is suitable for newly married friends.

Beautiful villa designing

Villa is a type of residential architecture with garden. There is wide space and is separate from the surrounding constructions. A place for people with money to live. Currently, the specialty is a high-class housing with money to live. Having recognized the importance in designing villas, IDT Interior Design & Interior Company has established a villa design division, including talented and creative architects. We work with the goal of bringing the most perfect living space for Vietnamese families. IDT Interior Decoration & Design Company specializes in villa design. We specialize in designing with all styles from classic to modern. We are constantly giving out the most luxurious, beautiful villas to please the homeowners and increase the core value for the house.