Production Workshop

IDT Furniture Manufactory is located in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, with an area of nearly 2000m2 and equipped with modern machinery imported from Europe to produce high quality products. Meet the strict requirements of the market


See more of the interior production process by IDT's edge gluing machine IDT


Workshop processing area, Cut out products from industrial boards, Natural boards. Let out the interior decoration products

SCM automatic edge gluing machine of Italy, giving high quality products in finishing edge gluing only. Automatic machine from Cut, Gluing, Finishing edge. For high quality products.

Glue is a European specialized thermal glue, when the paste temperature is> 180 degrees Celsius

Vacuum cleaners handle the working environment of the factory for a clean environment without polluting the environment.

German 2-blade sliding table saws used to cut boards without cutting edge for fast and quality products.


Paint chamber Water film: It is used to treat PU paint dust. Clean paint dust, PU smell, handle without polluting the surrounding environment.

Boring machine with many nose links. Use drill holes associated with the product. Seal the screws

The paint area with water-based paint vacuum cleaner helps to clean the environment, create quality products and look better

Complete product storage area