2 Most favored interior design styles in office furniture now

In the interior design of the office as well as the interior design in general there are more than 33 interior design styles. These styles depend on the school or the understanding, or the fancy of the interior designer as well as the architect that applies to their work.

However the most common usage and usage present in office interior design are 2 styles: Modern style, industrial design style.

Let's go deep into these two styles.

1-Modern design style.

The contemporary design style (Modernism) is a magnificent piece with classical architecture, which represents a new way of thinking in the late NINETEENTH early XX.

Different decorative layouts have a similar characteristics of simplicity in the composition of the cube, space, organization of free ground, vertical face... Eliminate the use of decorative motifs of classical school as well as the use of modern materials such as glass, steel, aluminum, concrete, brick...


- The power line is highly recommended, saving traffic space, saving materials. Apply scientific and technical achievements.
- The design style is sharp shape strong, the architectural lines carry on later. It makes sense to make the impression of health, modern, unique and easy to change.
- Lines, arrays and blocks to create interior spaces, not many details and cumbersome pattern.
- Lighting has a particularly important role, the maximum light-up design for the spaces, the light from the niches or the slots of the fixed objects to illuminate the wall should create the beauty of the modern house.
- Create artistic accents by placing sculptures or small ornamental plants.
- The Glass wide window is the optimal solution for this design, creating dedicated lighting for those decorative objects to bring out the angle of space.
- Interference with nature, greenery, water surface, quite focused interior in the house such as vestibule, living room, common aisle, atrium...
- Bright, elegant escape with colors reflects personality and personal preference.
- Rich and diverse materials.


The modern interior has a high-performance, reasonably-equipped line. The traffic space and materials are of maximum savings, there are no offenders in the interior decoration.

So this style occupies the first position in the design now.

 company design office furniture

nội thất văn phòng đẹp

Simplicity. But logical and delicate in the interior design of this style. Interior Design works of modern office of IDT us.

1-style industrial design.

A. The history of industrial interior design

Not many people articulate the origin of the style of industrial interior design. It was largely believed to have been developed in the early 20th century. Before the second industrial reform ended, the trend was moving towards globalization. The factories in western Europe are closed. And they moved the production workshop to countries with low labour costs. Therefore, these buildings are abandoned.

Over time, the population in the cities of expansion makes the living area scarce. The logical solution is to transform industrial areas around cities into residents.

Instead of covering up the past of these houses, the architects often want to honour them. Bare walls, rough floors and large glass windows are the remnants of the building and the factory. These are also elements overflowing in the style of industrial interior design.

thiết kế nội thất văn phòng đẹp

nội thất văn phòng

B. Characteristic elements of industrial interior design

Each interior design style has specific mainstream elements. If IDT Decor design shows bright colors and natural materials, the industrial style shows the naked and simple.


Industrial style emphasizes on simple designs, exposing more, more raw materials. The design is often seen as unfinished walls, old bricks, metal piping,...

The reason is that this style simulates factories and factories in industrial parks. Where there is a high operating frequency, failure, replacement is inevitable. Therefore, they must be designed simply, "presented" to ease the way of processing during malfunction.

Wide Open space

The essence of the industrial style is the vast space from the industrial factory. So, when bringing this style to the interior of the house also brings a similar sense of space. The open space will be the optimal layout for this style. You can create a sense of breadth by keeping the ceiling window and simplifying the interior of your room.

thi công văn phòng

thiết kế văn phòng

thiết kế nội thất văn phòng


These are the 2 most popular interior design styles and apply popular in the world today.

If you are in need of 2 the most favored interior design styles in the office furniture now contact IDT design us to have the perfect work according to our intentions.

4 reasons you should choose the complete construction Company of high-quality office furniture.

- Consultant team: We have a team of consultants who are good engineers with many years of experience. Assist customers to choose the types of materials, as well as technical support, choose the colors and Feng shui for your office.
- Construction Team: We work fast, but not less careful, do the right technique, ensure aesthetics. We also have furniture factory for construction works.
- Price: We offer the most economical cost to customers, there will be the construction work table to allocate the appropriate costs.
- The facilities of the company have furniture factory to meet the best and quality assurance.

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2 Most favored interior design styles in office furniture now

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