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You are planning to make furniture for your family's home, interior apartments, villas, apartment furniture, townhouses, showrooms, spas, ... Bathroom interior design is also a job It is important to pay attention to the interior of the project before putting it into proper use. A job that requires creative ideas that combine art - science and spirituality. Structures are like people, the outside is considered "the body" and the interior is considered the "soul." Therefore, a good designer needs a good understanding to combine light - color - architecture and green decoration into the layout of household items to create a space. Living time, work in accordance with customer requirements.

Interior design of a beautiful, luxurious neoclassical mansion in city land mound for Uncle Hanh's family.

The city land area is given the right to execute and construct all the works, from the rough to the interior finishing. Therefore the landlord has the right to design his villa according to the style he wants.
And the neoclassical style we introduce below is a great choice for the host's villa.

Interior design of Mr. Long's home in Lakeview city of IDT company. The investor is Anh Long. Type of interiors home interior

  Lakeview City Project (Novaland), p. An Phu, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where to build a nest, make dreams. This urban area completes the rough part for customers

House built 1 ground floor, 3 floors, finished outside tempered glass, water-proof, moss-proof paint, toughened glass doors, garage for parking.

In interior decoration design as well as architectural design, the interior layout that is reasonable, proper use, saving space is very important. In this article we present to you 34 bedroom designs.

However, if you want your house to be most perfect, you need to calculate the overall function of the building. Reasonable arrangement of the whole house.

IDT has designed and executed the interior decoration of Ms. Hoa District 11

Home Decor Design Project Ms. Hoa District 11 in modern style is one of the many types of architecture that is used today. With its youthful-style beauty and favorite hobby of the new one, the strange that modern architecture is used by many people for their family's living space. The bed orientation is about to suit the age of the owner. To bring flourishing for the family.

In the field of kitchen furniture, IDTDecor we are the leading construction contractor in Vietnam. See 8 interior design tips of an expert kitchen.

Interior design kitchen handy, feng shui

Interior design of the kitchen is a need of many high-end and affordable apartment owners across the country.

In this article we will outline the things to keep in mind when designing kitchen furniture, and introduce some of the current popular kitchen interior design styles for your reference.

We specialize in designing with all styles from classic to modern. We are constantly giving out the most luxurious, beautiful villas to please the homeowners and increase the core value for the house. In addition to a beautiful house you need exterior design for the project. PROJECT MIS XINH's HOME DECORATION