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You are planning to make furniture for your family's home, interior house, villa interior, apartment interior, town house, showroom, spa, ... important jobs to consider before executing interior construction of projects to put them into proper use for functional purposes. A job that requires creative ideas that combine art - science and spirituality. Structures are like people, the outside is considered "the body" and the interior is considered the "soul." Therefore, a good designer needs to have the knowledge to harmoniously combine light - color - architecture and add green space to the redundancy of the stairs to create a living space, Work in accordance with customer requirements.

According to the concept of Eastern Asians in general and of Vietnamese families in particular when starting up any plans to build a future home (House design, Interior decoration, ...), the main color choice in the house is one of the most important decisions and must match feng shui.

The rise of Co-Working Space office in Ho Chi Minh City

Coworking space expanding quickly

A third-quarter market report from Savills said Ho Chi Minh City ranked 41st among the 50 fastest growing shared office markets in the world according to a Co-working Resources survey. The sharing office is expanding rapidly, taking up many floors in future projects.

From now on, the investor wishing to execute the construction work must affix the construction permit right at the construction site

On October 17, Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Construction, said that this unit has just sent documents to the People's Committee of 24 districts to guide the listing of construction permits (GPXD) at all.

Advice on buying the most complete and detailed office desk

Currently, one of the indispensable items of "office people" is a desk. So what is a desk? Why is it so important? Where should I buy that kind of table to ensure both price and quality? Join us in searching for answers through the "The most complete and detailed guide to buying office desks".


Anh Toan: When designing and constructing apartments from 60m2 to 80 m2, what should I note?

Hi Anh Toan!
First of all, I would like to thank you for trusting and sending questions about our apartment design, on British issues, I would like to answer the following:

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