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The designs of townhouses

IDT Introduction One of the designs of townhouses and houses, nowadays, the model of townhouses combined with high-end hotel and restaurant business is doing very well because its profit is very high. Please contact us for construction consultancy and housing design, neoclassical villa design, french castle design, interior design and construction, hotel design, design restaurant, shop design, shop, showroom … The design of a house with a 5 × 20 m basement includes the following functions: 1st floor for parking, mezzanine office for rent, 2nd floor for rent, 3rd floor for office, 4th floor for rent office, 5th floor for rent office. The townhouse has an elevator, a sky well. The owner of the design is very satisfied with the architects of our company IDT Design.

Client all
Designer kts Thuỷ ngọc Tuân
Project Building design
Website idthietke.com

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